Vision of the Craft ("the Course", "the Program", “materials”, "product") is an online actor training program created and operated by the Howard Fine Acting Studio, Los Angeles. Wanna Be Productions Inc. DBA The Howard Fine Acting Studio ("Company", "we", "the studio", or "us") sets forth the following terms & conditions for engaging in this website, it's content & features, and purchasing any programming or materials (hereafter referred to as the "Course" or "Product"). By engaging in the Vision of the Craft services and purchasing our products, or subscribing to contact lists, the customer (also herein referred to as "student", "client", "subscriber", "member") understands and agrees to these terms & conditions, and violation of these or our Studio’s policies may result in account restriction or dismissal from studio events, products, and programs.


The Howard Fine Acting Studio is a private acting studio and reserves the right to accept or deny admission to any program or event, or refuse anyone access or entry to our virtual and in-person premises at any time. Each class follows a slightly different format, and additional terms & conditions may apply depending on the plan you select.

Vision of the Craft, our studio, and all associated programming is for actors 18 and older.

The Vision of the Craft online course and individual log-in access are non-transferable. Sharing of accounts is strictly prohibited - each purchase is intended for one (1) individual. Your account & password are secure and are traceable to you and any personal details you have provided. To ensure quality and deliver the best possible experience for all our members, our site tracks IP addresses and monitors log-in/usage to safeguard against any misuse.


We strive to make our studio, website, and programs as accessible as possible to all actors, and granted certain limitations at our physical location and of online learning strive to be compliant with all applicable law and best practices for accessibility. If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility, please contact [email protected]


Vision of the Craft is a virtual acting technique class. All lessons, materials, titles, themes, media, coursework, logos, images and likenesses associated with the Course are property of the Howard Fine Acting Studio, and may not be downloaded, copied, shared, recorded, reposted, rebroadcast, or repurposed without the express written consent of the Howard Fine Acting Studio or its officers/designees. Likewise, any special features, or exclusive opportunities offered to members are intended for those paying participants only, and are non-transferable. Vision of the Craft is an educational program, designed for actors of all levels to learn and hone their craft. It is designed as a year-long, weekly course with content to fill 12 4-class months, however actors may study at their own pace, and will enjoy immediate access from the time of purchase.

We are not a Talent Counseling/Career Service, Talent Agency or Management Company, or Casting Office. The studio is not responsible for any error/omission in the services we provide which could in any way impact an actor's professional endeavors. No professional acting training can guarantee professional acting success - as a deeply personal artform, results may vary. Lessons, classes, lectures, homework, coaching feedback, critiques, advice and all other such guidance are for educational purposes only. We make no promise of employment or professional opportunities, no guarantee of work, nor official legal or financial counseling. Results may vary. The studio makes no specific promise on any actor's growth, and is not liable for an actors development or defect as the result of taking this course. The studio is bonded, and insured as a private acting studio, not subject to the specific provisions set forth by AB 1319.

Vision of the Craft, our studio, and all associated programming is for actors 18 and older, with rare exception to emerging young talent with prior training & experience, by industry referral, and under the supervision of a parent/legal guardian who obtains written permission from the studio. All instructors at the studio in contact with or providing services to minors have the necessary permits on file with the studio.

Each purchase includes access to the product and services described. The product includes a series of videos, accompanying text, exercises, scripts, links, downloadables, and other resources. Access to the product and services is subject to payment of a one-time fee listed on the website and checkout page. This course is available in its entirety in perpetuity to those who purchase at the listed price, not including any special offers, discount codes, or other offers granted at the Studio’s sole discretion. Customer agrees to pay the amount quoted, and upon completion of the transaction, provided payment is not disputed or revoked for whatever reason, the Studio agrees to grant access to the product. Course is delivered as-is, and the Studio reserves the right to edit, update, amend, and add to the product as it sees fit.

As of January 2022, existing subscribers acknowledge that their subscription permits access to the product only for as long as they are subscribed to the product and are being charged a monthly fee for this access. As of 2022, Vision of the Craft is no longer supporting weekly release of subscription content, meaning subscribers have been informed of the new format (single purchase, full access to product), and have been made aware that it is their responsibility to update or cancel their current subscription if they so wish. The volume of materials and frequency of new content shall be subject to change after the initial period described. Existing students/subscribers also acknowledge receipt of any & all changes to the product, and the Studio’s intent to convert all existing subscriptions into memberships equal to a one time purchase of the product. Students will be informed of their options, and have the right to appeal or dispute this change within 30 days from written notice.


Vision of the Craft and all related videos, images, lectures, recordings, specific language & copy, product descriptions, titles, slogans, methods, offers, logos, and other course content including but not limited to: handouts, welcome emails, exercises, instructions, feedback etc, are the considered the sole property of the Howard Fine Acting Studio & its owners, officers, & authors and are proprietary. As such, any reproduction, posting, copying, duplication, manipulation, or repurposing of these materials apart from their intended usage is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, unless otherwise stated or under the public domain, it is to be assumed that the ideas, concepts, themes, exercises, methods, direction, class titles, vernacular utilized in studio programming and all other such materials both physical, digital, and conceptual, featured on the website(s), and in studio/class communiqué are considered the intellectual property of the Howard Fine Acting Studio and are protected under copyright. The studio reserves the rights to its IP, and unless specifically authorized, does not grant permission to any student, guest, or third party to its use. Registration in class does not in itself constitute permission to access, use, or redistribute studio property in any form. Unauthorized use may be penalized under the law, and the studio reserves the right to pursue legal action where & when necessary to protect its IP, proprietary materials, and brand, especially including but not limited to such instances where studio programs are replicated, reproduced, repackaged by another individual or entity for their gain financial or otherwise, when doing so could in any way potentially dilute, detract from, or confuse that product/service/brand/reputation/business with that of the the Studio, even if such actions are not, or cannot yet, be determined to have caused direct harm to the studio.


Vision of the Craft is a digital product. The Studio is not responsible for any technical difficulties incurred on the customer’s part which may prevent access to, or impact the quality of the product. Once access has been granted, it is the student’s responsibility to use the appropriate browsers, plugins, and a strong internet connection to use this product. To ensure quality control and security, the Studio may periodically update the landing page, log-in, checkout page, hosting site, etc., and temporary downtimes may occur.

Refunds may be requested 10 days from the initial purchase, and honored in-full. Cancellation/refunds may take time to reflect in your account – please allow 3-5 business days from the time of your request for charges to be reversed. Refunds outside of 10 days may be honored at the sole discretion of the Studio. Upon issuance of a refund, access to the online course will be revoked.

Otherwise, all sales are final. Refunds may not be granted for services rendered and when deliverables for a class have been met. Student progress is tracked. If records indicate that the course or significant portions thereof have been accessed and utilized by the student, the Studio reserves the right to deny a refund for services rendered, or if the product itself has been “consumed” and enjoyed . You may be entitled to a refund if due to an error in the system or on the part of the studio, you do not receive class content after purchase If you feel you have been charged by mistake or charged an incorrect amount, please contact [email protected]

Purchasing Vision of the Craft is not a guarantee to study with Howard Fine or the Studio. Vision of the Craft is a standalone course, and while membership/purchase may grant access to other studio programs or announcements, no Vision of the Craft payments may be used as credit toward other studio programs. 

All payments are handled securely through our website and credit card merchant (Stripe). Upon payment, a receipt will be generated and sent via email to the address provided. Additional copies of receipts/invoices may be requested by the customer via email to [email protected]. All enrollment is handled via - for more information about our website and how we process your information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Purchase is incomplete without valid, corresponding payment in full.

In the instance of a failed payment, our system will attempt 3 times to collect payment from the card on file. At this time the student will be notified of any lapse in payment. Failure to pay on time or in full may result in suspension of the account or cancellation of the transaction.

Results and content may vary. Vision of the Craft is a digital acting course, and participation/engagement varies by student. The Studio reserves the right to make any updates & alterations to the classes and content. 

Accuracy, Completeness, and Timeliness of Information

The studio is not responsible if information made available on this site is not accurate, complete, or current. The material on this site is provided for general information to the best of our ability, but should not be relied upon as the sole basis for making decisions to join our programs without consulting studio faculty for more accurate and more timely sources of updated information. Any reliance on the material provided on this website without confirming or clarifying with a member of our staff is made at your own risk.

This site may contain certain historical or outdated information. Any such information is provided as a reference point only, and we reserve the right but are under no obligation to modify the contents of this site at any time. By using this site you agree that it is your responsibility to monitor the site for any changes and to verify all information before proceeding further.


These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, and all such changes will be published on this page. All visitors to our website or any programs are responsible for being familiar with these policies and the latest revision date. Any inadvertent omission or error in the studio's policies shall not constitute nullification of any other policy or section of this document. In such instances where no stated policy addresses an issue in question, the Studio shall have sole discretion in accordance with applicable law and studio policies. Significant substantive changes to our prices, policies, or products affecting the experience of current customers may be sent via email.


Additional Terms & Conditions governing the Studio as a whole may be viewed at Any questions or concerns regarding any studio policies can be directed to [email protected] or (323) 965-1488